How to Deal With Your Stress and Anxiety

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Stress and Anxiety aren’t incurable things:

Stress and anxiety are two common villains in our daily life. Nowadays millions of people feel compressed in their life for doing the things they have to. This particular problem pushes them in a world of stress, anxiety, and uncertainties.

Stress & Anxiety in our everyday life:

Some of those relatable common stress boosters like working under huge pressure, lack of money, chronic illness or, an argument with family members with a partner or, with boss. Or going through significant psychological shock such as – divorce, death of someone who matters in our life or most common but effective relationship breakup are the most relatable reasons that eventually gives us stress & anxiety.

You can’t live your day with Stress or Anxiety:

If you don’t know how to deal with the events which last having not only stress or anxiety but even worse. And these feelings also energies impending doom.

If you’re planning to start medication to deal with this situation, I’ll recommend you to have some time with this article. It doesn’t matter how you spend your time during the day, still, you can follow these strategies to help yourself out from stress or anxiety

Finding out the Root Cause:

If you can explain your problem well then chances become more that you’ve already solved the issue. This is how root cause analysis helps in solving almost the entire problem.
Individuals experience mental & physical exhaustion after excessive stress. Even in the stressful phases in life most folks use addictives to traumatize it. But unfortunately these things increase one’s stress and anxiety level wildly. If you suffer from anxiety disorder the first thing you need to identify is the actual cause behind it. this will teach you how to actually deal with stress or anxiety-related issue.

Selective to Consideration:

Even the reasons for stress are not the same for all of us. For instance, while one feels too depressed due to relationship conflicts, others can manage it easily. In such cases you need to identify the reason behind your stress to reduce its effect.

Long term stress or anxiety affects our sleep patterns, respiratory & cardiovascular systems, digestive system, and reproduction system. So, you have to know the way out, you have to know how to deal with this. Don’t ever let the anxiety overpowers your happiness of life.

Never be too stressed over something because it doesn’t bring any solution in your life. Work field problems, family issues, financial or health problems, significant life events are quite common to us. Then, why you consider yourself as the only victim?


If you can maintain good physical health, it offers you good mental health too. So, always try to be physically fit. Don’t think that I have recommend you to spend some hours in the gym to be physically fit. Nowadays there are lots of online free video tutorials on this topic.

These tutorials can help you to practice yoga, freehand exercises at home. To enjoy an anxiety-free life you need to throw yourself 100% into the present life. Daily physical exercising, deep breathing techniques bring an anxiety-reducing effect in our life. Even these techniques also have a detoxifying effect on our bodies.

So dear, why do you waste time on unnecessary thoughts when you have enough scope to make something productive? Proper breathing exercises also help you to inhale fresh air & exhale stress & anxiety. If you already have anxiety disorder then you may try to start your day with these activities. Then, you can feel the difference on your own.

how to deal with stress and anxiety, deal with anxiety and stress


Unwanted thoughts or, fear easily impacts on mental & physical functioning. If you have experienced panic attack & anxiety disorder before, you know how bad it can make a person crazy. I know it’s really hard to stop repetitive obsessive thoughts naturally but there’s no dealing way without it.

You can’t control any kind of spontaneous change around you. Regret about past events or, fear about coming future can’t give you any solution. There are many ups & downs in everyone’s life. So, don’t waste your valuable time to compare your situation with others.

If you can short out what events are important in your life, you can easily break the loop of your unwanted worries. Always do those things which you want to do & live lively. Always try to train your mind positively to deal with anxiety and stress symptoms.

Maintain Proper Diet:

A balanced diet is essential for both your mental & physical health. From my personal experience I have recommended you to take those foods which have detoxifying effects on our body. Complex carbs, milk, dark chocolate, green tea, fatty fish, almonds helpful to reduce stress.

When we are feeling stress our body releases stress hormones – adrenaline & cortisol. These hormones increase our stress level wildly. If you intake proper nutrients it will boost your brain’s health. It also helps you to fight against the stress hormones.

Healthy food is a key factor in dealing with anxiety & stress. When you have made healthy food habits, it improves your brains chemicals & blood flow rate automatically. Healthy foods also have anti- Inflammatory effects. So, eat healthily to alleviate your depression, anxiety, stress, or, any other kind of mood disorder.

Do THings which keeps you out of STRESS:

When you do the activities you enjoy, you feel a mental peace from it. I’m sure you have noticed that these activities have never given you any kind of stress. I think, you have also realized that when you engage with the activities which hold your complete attention, you can’t feel anxiety at those times.

Do something productive to deal with stress and anxiety. If you have enough time then learn some new skills to deal with anxiety kind of things. These will help you to improve your mental wellbeing. If you can try these activities, you may realize how these activities improve your self-esteem & self-confidence levels.

You may learn cooking & baking, DIY projects from free YouTube tutorials. Even gardening, playing musical instruments, artworks, etc. may help you to engage with life & easy your anxiety. You may write journals, listen to audio books & soothing music to relax your mind. I’m sure if you try these distraction techniques it will help you to enjoy a depression or, stress-free life.


Supportive relations may help you to maintain good mental health. It also boosts your self-worth. I’m sure you have noticed that when you attain any family program you don’t feel anxious there. Even when you talk to someone you loved or, your good friends then anxiety can’t take any rooms in your mind.

So, I suggest you to maintain distance from those persons who put extra stress in your life. If you don’t get a mental comfort from a relationship then just leave that bonding for yourself. If you stay alone due to your job or, study you may use video conversations with your friends and family. A healthy relationship helps to keep your confidence level intact to remove fearful anxious thoughts. Good & strong relations are important to your life to deal with your anxiety.

So finally the Things you should CONSIDER:

Focus on the things which you get in your life. Be thankful for those persons who make your life peaceful. You may take the help of distraction techniques, mindfulness and good breathing habits to make you relaxed.

Cut down your poor eating & drinking habits. Don’t think too much about the events which you can’t resist. Be happy & enjoy an anxiety-free life. If you have observed that your anxiety makes you crazier day by day then you need to take a medical expert’s advice. I’m sure our advice will be beneficial to you in case of your short term stress or fearful anxious situations.

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