Emotional Intelligence: Key to every aspect of human life

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emotional intelligence

Introduction to Emotional intelligence :

Frustration or, setbacks enters into our life when things don’t go through the right track. These mental issues also invite some physical issues, like- hypertension, heart problem, or, diabetes. We all know that emotion regulation isn’t an easy task but it’s an integral part of becoming emotionally intelligent.

Emotional intelligence has the potential to enhance our resilience. From improving our communication skills to boost our overall well-being, it plays an important role there. We all need to identify our emotions first to communicate effectively with our feelings. If we can understand ourselves better, it’ll automatically give us an authentic, happy & healthy lifestyle.

It’s essential to have a clear picture of one’s strengths & weaknesses to act with humanity. This attribute also maintains the standard of honesty & integrity. Even these have a direct link with our conflict management skills & good interpersonal relationship. When individuals try to maintain such steps, it automatically builds the quality of their emotional excellence.

What exactly Emotional Intelligence is!

If you want to develop your behavioral attribute then it’s essential to understand the pattern of your own emotions & emotion of others. Individuals with high emotional intelligence are always managing this attribute to build a healthy relationship in their academic, work & personal life. Even they easily remove any kind of disruptive impulses from their life.

Emotional intelligence is nothing but one’s self-management ability. If anyone can improve this quality, it’ll automatically reframe their negative thoughts in a positive frame. Even it improves one’s self-competencies & exposes him/her to a door of new ideas. So, a person with high emotional intelligence can take complete responsibilities for their actions.

We all have some plans to achieve our goals. Sometimes we cancel our plans from the angle of our emotionally charged decisions or, gut feelings. Such poor self-motivation & low-risk management conception always push us into the dark side of reality. On other hand, individuals with high emotional intelligence may handle these situations with flexibility and in more efficient ways.

Key Factors between Emotional Intelligence:

Emotionally intelligent people tend to be action-oriented & they always require achieving their goals. They always look for ways to make them better than yesterday. Even they easily take challenges without fear of being judged by others.

Famous Psychologist, author & science journalist Daniel Goleman stated that there are five fundamental elements of emotional Intelligence or, emotional quotient (EQ), such as:

• Self-awareness
• Self-regulation
• Motivation
• Empathy
• Social skills

Such basic components of EQ help people to react rationally in any kind of situation around them.


If you want to get success easily in life then firstly you should recognize what you want to do & what don’t. Our emotions, interests, actions – these all are depended on it. When people pay more attention to their own life rather than the external environment, it’ll help them to boost their internal standards.

Self-awareness and regulation are two keystones behind our self-evaluation. Self-awareness helps to recognize one’s strengths & weaknesses. On the other hand, self-regulation helps us to express emotions in productive & appropriate ways. Even it supports us to keep polite instead of lashing out.

If we can improve our self-control attribute, it’ll boost our mindfulness eventually. Even when people being aware of his/her present state, this will never push the person to judge the situations negatively. Automatically these senses put their positive effects on one’s self-confidence & self-deprecating sense of humor. Such qualities always help individuals to remain at a high EQ level.


Internal motivation is the main directional force behind human actions. This special quality helps us to solve any kind of puzzles in our life. It helps people to improve their efficiency as they work toward their goals. Even internal motivation has the power to cut down unhealthy emotions & maladaptive behaviors from our life. Individuals, who can compete with this section, tend to be emotionally intelligent.

Empathy is one of the fundamental linchpins of emotional intelligence. To be an excellent caregiver person we all need to add this attribute in our life. It pushes us to treat other’s point of views & feelings properly from our corner. Even when we recognize others’ emotional states, and helps us to build our communication skills assertively.

Social skill is nothing but the practical implementation of empathy. I think you observed that bad social skills always create unwanted issues in our life. On other hand, good social skills help us to interact with others. It easily improves our leadership qualities & integrity. For these reasons, social skill is considered as an integral part of emotional intelligence.


Emotionally intelligent people can sustain a strong link between their conscious feelings & their realistic thought & easily get success in their life. At the same time, individuals with unhealthy emotional attributes always face some personal & professional field problems throughout their entire life. No amount of on-paper qualifications can save them from these issues. It’s very tough to be an emotionally intelligent person but it’s not impossible. If you invest a little bit of time regularly to improve your EQ level, it’ll make a huge difference in your overall lifestyle.

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