Ground Zero From Corporate To The Valley of Dreams

Published by Pedro Nóbrega on

This ‘Blueprint’ is deliberately brought to you in creative, narrative, analytical, expository, agurmentative and persuasive, writing styles… To help you and guide you through the problems you may be stuck in… More than that this book is fully enlightened with knowledge of wisdom. Insighted metaphors leterarily interpreted in analogies of real life experiences, moulded with methods and techniques that will empower you with resilience, faith, psychology, science, N. L. P. motivational inspired in Mastermind groups, that will help you overcome your challenges, transform and shape your lives. Designed to change people’s lives for the better, and to feel it as the purpose for our reward. It is being crafted with compassion, love and care, meditated with the best of sources. We can call it the ‘grandmother and jewel of books’ made in a skilful goal setting to encourage our invited reader’s to learn, breath, develop and grow. Is sighed in a clever writing taking a glance for our conquest… I imagined you in compassionate struggle for survival in a compelling dream on a road to comtemplate a blissful life on your highway to glory. ‘Authenticity. ‘

A must read.

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