Benefit of Nature’s Touch and Positive Impact on Human Health

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nature's impact on human

Nature’s Impact on Human Health:

Mother Nature is the one & only ‘Ecosystem Service Provider’ in this crazy world. The quality of human life completely depends on nature’s elements. From boosting our brain’s happy chemicals to improving our breathing habit, nature always stretches its arms in front of us. Exposure to Mother Nature has been proved to be a key factor in maintaining our overall health system. Even, proper interaction with nature just for 30-35 minutes/day helps a person to develop their strong memory & attention.

In this busy world, we all spend more indoor times than outdoors. Even in our holidays, we spend more time watching movies, online videos, video games or, other indoor activities. These kinds of activities in today’s modern world have broken the bond between human & natural settings slowly.

In recent decades, the trend of urbanization also lowering the process of human interaction with Mother Nature. It also puts some negative effects on the global ecosystem. Some studies have confirmed that a close relationship with green space (street trees, private gardens, and park) & blue space (aquatic & marine environment) affects our physiological well-being. So, if we maintain a distance from nature, it will lower the quality of our regular lifestyle.

Mother Nature is a cabinet of our physical, mental & spiritual health benefits. Over the past centuries, we have gradually changed our living habits & become more & more distanced from nature settings. Some studies have confirmed that the gentle touch of nature speeds up our mental restoration & improves our cognitive behaviors also.


Mother Nature has numerous positive impacts on human health. Direct physical contacts with nature help individuals to prolong their lifespan. It has been shown that spending more outdoor times decrease the power of hypertension & tachycardia on human life. Some other studies also confirmed that the habit of gardening or, spending more time among green space (like-park) helps to reduce the risk of heart attack & stroke.

Day after day we have engaged more with the human-made world than natural resources. Strong bonding with nature helps people to strengthen their overall immune system and that’s the nature’s impact on human health. Many pieces of research also proved that people, who practice regular exercise among nature, have a low chance of suffering from obesity & fatigue.  It also improves our blood pressure & heart’s beating rate. Walking barefoot on grass or, nature walks allow oxygenated blood to flow more freely & efficiently through our body.

Exposure to nature is really very essential to all of us. Such exposure improves the cleansing actions of our lungs by expanding its airways properly. It helps us to maintain our good breathing system & boosts our productivity level. It has been proved that individuals, who spend more outdoors, have low chances of memory-demoting issues. Not only physical health benefits but close proximity to nature improves our mental health also.


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It’s really very challenging to keep a distance from stress, depression, or, any kind of unwanted worries in today’s world. Our growing disconnection with nature is one of the key factors behind these issues. When we spend more time in nature, it improves our quality of mindfulness. It also boosts our emotional regulation & the brain’s memory functions.

The fresh & gentle touch of nature boosts our brain’s healthy chemicals. It helps us to build a strong concentration level in our minds. Our behavioral outcomes & emotional responses also depend on it. Direct physical contact with nature increases our self-esteem attribute also.  Nature always allows a person to feel more lively & blessed by its tranquillity.

Sitting under the tree, walking barefoot on grass, swimming in the natural body of water put a positive healing effect on stress, depression, or, anxiety. Even, a quick jog in nearby parks or, spending leisure in the lap of nature may help you to feel more energized & enthusiastic. These activities leave a person feeling more refreshed during a long period of time. A strong human-nature interrelation not only makes us mentally fit but it provides us a nourished soul also.


Due to industrialization, overpopulation, or, our present lifestyle, we have lost our relationship with nature. Most folks are gradually drowning into sedentary activities with the flow of modern lifestyle & make this relationship break up with nature. Due to the bossing power of the virtual world, nature experiences become unavailable to the new generations also.

Any kind of natural setting can easily distract the human mind from pain & discomfort. Some rhythms of nature also create relaxing effects on our soul, like-sound of leaves, waves of seas & the smell of soil. A good human-nature bonding develops a healthy sense of social & spiritual well-being in the human mind. So, we all need gentle touches of the spectrum of nature to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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