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what to do in panic attacks, things to do in panic attacks

Panic Attacks can be Prevented – If you know this

We all want to live a normal & productive life. But some short bursts of intense fear in response to an acute danger paralyze our brains functions temporarily, this incident is actually called panic attack. Most folks experience this incident for at least one or, two times in their entire life. The incident of panic attacks can occur anytime & anywhere to us. Sometimes, it occurs without any obvious reason & lasts for several minutes or, longer.

Filter your thoughts to control panic attacks:

Unwanted thoughts, fear & depression always push a person in uncomfortable situations. Even, you have noticed it. Sometimes, excessive mental stress and persisting worries always mess with your confidence and inner happiness. We all need to live our life without anxiety, depression or, fear but it’s not easy to deal with any kind of mental exhaustion on our own.

Panic attack looks very scary when it plays the role of the boss of our life. Even, people with panic disorder always experience the acute sensation of fear about death or, impending doom. If you have experienced panic attack before. this kind of feelings you may experience when you commit panic attacks,

  • Being out of control
  • Shortness of breath
  • Stomach cramp
  • Trembling
  • Choking sensation

When you experience a panic attack, your body starts to release adrenaline hormones to prepare the body for fight to flight reaction. So, you can’t calm down on that time period. It’s most important to relaxing yourself to remove the burden of unwanted thoughts & fear.
Now the simple question is- ‘How can you handle the situation of your next panic attack’  Don’t worry dear, here are some basic tips you may try to prevent your next panic attack from feeling worse-

Mindfulness to get relief from panic attacks:

In a world of full chaos, mindfulness techniques can help you to eliminate all negative emotions from your mind. When we feel overwhelmed by our life. This technique helps us to feel more confident in dealing with the situation. Sometimes we can’t live our lives with the fullest potential due to unnecessary thought about our past days or, coming future. Mindfulness is the only way that can provide enough power to fly away all negative emotions & judgmental thoughts from a person’s life & help them to live life lively.

If you suffer from panic or, anxiety disorders then all kind of mindful habits can help you to promote your

  • mental health
  • cognitive flexibility
  • sleep pattern

& provides you a stress-free life. If you start to practice these, you can automatically achieve a positive mind-body balance in your life.

So, get lost in the flow of doing things you really love, eat mindfully, practice gratitude, listen to your intuition, try to feel the touch of nature & other mindful activities when Panic attacks snatches all purposeful attention from your life.

If you can practice this technique, you will feel that you can focus & appreciate each small incident around you. Don’t invite extra stress in your life. Because we have provided you a key to enjoy your anxiety-free life. So, dear please use this key like mindfulness to get relief from your next panic attack.


When you feel a range of difficult emotions during panic attacks then divert your attention away from panic sensation by distraction techniques will work best. I know dear, it’s really very tough to shift your current attention from that physical & mental state during a panic attacks.

I’m sure you have already observed that when you engage yourself with the activities you enjoy, the less you involve the unwanted thoughts or, fear in your life. If you find you have enough time to utilize then you can spend it on gardening, sports, Taking care of your pet, playing musical instruments, etc. to hold your attention.

Even some repetitive actions like- knitting will also help you to overcome your panic.
You can carry chewing gum in your bag because Chewing gum is the best thing that can distract your mental state & minty goodness in it also able to provide soothing effects on your body during the panic attack. You can squeeze the stress ball to relieve your anxiety & stress on it to distract your mind.

Distraction will lead to Discomfort:

Don’t get panic from the subheading. Turning the discomfort zone into your comfort one will make you cure from panic attacks. The art of the distraction process always saves us from the emotional discomfort we are passing through. Sometimes watching fish & listening to the soothing sound of running water in aquarium help people with panic disorder to lower their anxiety & stress.

In order to quickly get rid of panic attack you need to push yourself 100% into life. If you can try distraction techniques like- solve a Rubik’s cube or, another puzzle, turn on your favorite music, T.V. shows or, some funny videos in YouTube to distract your mind, these will definitely help you to overcome your anxiety & fear during panic attacks.

Try Proper breathing practice to get rid of Panic attacks:

If you already have panic disorder then proper breathing technique is one of the most important steps for you. It’ll provide a soothing effect on your mind & body. Don’t allow your anxiety to worsen your panic. If you experience the feeling of being out of control & shortness of breaths during your panic attack. Then Proper breathing techniques can bring an anxiety-reducing effect on your body. And it also help people to relieve their mental & physical stress.

Biological improvement for relief from panic attacks:

Deep breathing has a detoxifying effect on our body & it also increases our cardiovascular capacity. These things are really very good for our health to exhale stress, worry, etc. & inhale fresh oxygen. If you can concentrate properly in your breathing process, it will definitely help you to feel more uptight & conscious.
Don’t fear during panic attacks, it’s quite common to all. You will just concentrate on your breathing on that time to feel relaxed. Always try to breathe in through your nose & breathe out with open mouth try to do whenever you feel something heavy for your mind. If you try this technique next time, you will realize its benefit on your own.

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Recovery from panic disorder is not a smooth process. Even if you can fruitfully be moved out of your panic attack it has a chance to re-occurrence in your life. It has been noticed that sometimes the proper encouragement of loved ones helps people to overcome their panic disorder. Actually panic attack leaves such a strong imprint on a person’s life that he or, she suffers from a fear of next attack.
Don’t take excessive stress for the things that are no longer in your control this practice will help in reducing panic attacks.

Never waste your valuable life under the dark shadow of anxiety & depression. I know dear, the sensation of panic attack is wild but it’s not that harmful. Here we have provided you some coping techniques, you may try these to manage your worries. These strategies will help you to live your life fearlessly.
Psychotherapy & proper medications always help a person to get rid of panic disorder. But this treatment will be more effective along with mindfulness techniques, distraction techniques & deep breathing techniques.

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