How to Raise Your Vibration | 10+ ways to do that

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Raise your Vibration, How to Raise your Vibration

Raising Your Vibration is a Process

When you’re finding yourself in the presence of a manifested reality that you didn’t ask for. It’s an indication of a vibration that you’re carrying that is contradicting your true nature. And holding you back from raising your vibration. Since you’re rooted in true love and abundance. Any vibrations of fear worry or lack will cause the attraction of a reality that is less than desirable. So you need to match with the higher vibration for the higher version of yourself.

Release Negativity to Raise your Vibration:

In order to hold your vibration at its highest level it’s crucial to release negativity. Most importantly releasing negativity before sleeping will keep the mind from processing that negativity as part of your physical existence. Moving into a 5D reality carries the job of raising and maintaining our vibration.

There are a few simple ways to keep your vibration high so you can tune into and connect to this. And begin creating it as your dominant reality.

Raising Vibration with Ascension:

The first what exactly is ascension. Through the spiritual awakening process, you’re breaking down the old system and programming. So a new more advanced level of experience becomes available and this happens in three ways

  • During the ascension of your consciousness with a higher level of understanding and perception
  • Through the process of keeping higher vibration of your spiritual self. Along with a higher level of experience of love and truth.
  • Highering the frequencies of the vibration of your physical body. By raising your vibration to a space where you can become more of a light being.

Essentially the higher consciousness higher spiritual self and higher emotions all raised the physical body by bringing in layers of light in a way that is since the total self and the experience. This is the Mind-Body-Spirit connection. Here are some significant ways to begin accelerating your ascension process to raise your consciousness.

practice shifting your focus:

Your natural frequency is already that of a high-frequency being. Your higher self is 100% tuned into this high vibration. It’s only that we allow distractions to hold our vibrations at lower levels so you shift away from a victim mentality. And shift away from things that lower your emotions to allow the full spectrum of that higher part of you to enter into your life. Your higher self expresses itself with passion and joy so choose activities that make you happy peaceful and joyful.

And realize that if something does happen that causes you to experience a lower vibrational state, the feeling of that is giving you a nudge. So you can recenter back to who you naturally are a high vibrational being.

How to raise your Vibration, Raise your Vibration

Having Perception that maintains Higher Vibration:

All you have to do is change the meaning you are giving something to change the way you feel. And therefore the vibrational frequency that you’re embodying. Pursue more of what’s on the inside than what’s on the outside. And make it a priority to practice keeping yourself in a higher state to raise your spiritual vibration which also raises your vibration and emotional body.

Love what you Do:

Use love as your way to approach all matters. The 5d reality is perfectly aligned with creating from the heart space. This means letting go of what feels fearful and learning to love yourself. Loving yourself allows you to choose higher energy and creates a focus on the bigger picture. And doing so, you heal yourself and heal the conditions in your life that you no longer choose to experience.

One way to do this is by standing in front of a mirror and practicing understanding the perfection of who you’re. This may not seem simple or natural at first but once you can tune into how your higher self sees you. And discover the true essence of your spirit and embrace and accept that reflection you can tap into the immense love within that process to raise and maintain your vibration on a higher level.

From this space, you can spread this love to others with your purpose or through forgiveness and kindness. The invitation with ascension is ultimately to choose love and light. And live in that space to keep your physical body in an optimal space for bringing in the totality of this light.

Amplify your Frequency to get Higher Vibration:

People often describe their worries and fears showing themselves as a heavy brick or a dark stain. Hold each of these worries one at a time in your hand. And take the time to perceive that each of them has never experienced positive emotion. And that once they meet with more positive states they will choose those better feeling sensations.

Thoughts that make you feel in a lower vibrational state doesn’t even exist outside of your mind. You might transfer each worry and fear vibrations into love and blessings. As you do this imagine that your positive energy transforms them each into a beautiful white dove that now embodies the vibration of peace and love.

Letting go of Your Negativity:

Visualize that you see each of them fly away until they are no longer visible. When you are finished releasing each of your fears and worries, ask yourself what was the best thing that happened to me today consider all of the positive things that

As you drift off to sleep the simple process allows you to realize that any negativity you hold is merely standing by and waiting for its moment to be renewed and you hold the power to assist in this transformation in doing so.

A new positive energy replaces what was once a negativity. So that it can be sent into the universe to make transformations and others additionally.

Make a Consistent Habit:

You remove this negativity from your mind. And your vibration field opening you up for more positive experiences. Most people who find a very peaceful sleep during night follow this exercise.

This is because the mind realizes that what once had a negative impact on it has now been released. It will then spend its time processing all of the positive things. And that happens throughout the day and relate that to the new experiences.

Tune into higher frequencies that raise your vibration which led to higher state of your reality. Simply repeat the exercise on a specific time until you’re able to let them go. It’s also very important to forgive everyone including yourself and make a daily practice of letting go of any judgments.

Consider What you’re Taking:

There are a few tips that you might find helpful some of these tips are debatable and everyone’s experience and belief systems vary. So I encourage you to follow anything here that resonates with you and just leave out anything that doesn’t.

  • Avoid fluoride as often as possible
  • Add vitamin D to your daily regimen. If you don’t already take it because this stimulates the pineal gland.
  • Incorporate more fresh and organic fruits and vegetables
  • Increase your water intake
  • Switch to sea salt
  • practice meditation daily
  • Exercise often
  • Avoid chemical Laden foods
  • Tune into specific vibrational frequencies such as music tuned to 528 Hertz or 432 Hertz
  • Use breathing techniques to increase the flow of spiritual energy
  • Affirm daily that you are healthy

Besides these all, before eating or drinking assure that the food or water you’re about to consume raises the frequency of your vibration. And those intakes make you even not only healthier but also help you to raise your vibration.

Ascension for Higher Vibration:

Earth is changing and we’re changing. To ascend you intentionally raise your mental, spiritual, and emotional bodies and connect them with your physical body.

Every time you make a decision to honor yourself honor freedom and honor the truth of who you’re. By this you accelerate your ascension process. You can then see and experience the world through a more enlightened lens. And through this practice not only you accelerate your ascension process but help those around you to do the same.

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